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“Novosbed was absolutely amazing the best customer service we have ever received from a company and the bed is unbelieveable comfortable we wake in the morning without any aches or pains and we sleep right through the night!! I would recommend this bed to anyone! We are very happy with Novosbed!!” – Sandra M.

“Love the bed! It’s comfortable in any sleeping position so far. Would highly recommend Novosbed.” – Mark B.

“I have had the queen size Aria for a few weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed the switch. My old mattress was spring based and I attempted to ease the strain on my body by adding a memory foam topper. This really doesn’t compare to having a fully foam mattress. I have never enjoyed sleeping on my side more, which was one of my primary concerns originally. I would certainly recommend the mattress to those wanting to give memory foam a try.” – Michael B.

“I’m going to start off by saying that I love my bed, and I love the service that came with it. From the very moment I first got in contact with Novosbed they were quick and courteous from the start. Keeping in constant contact they insured my bed was delivered promptly and on my schedule. I sleep solid, and never have any pain waking up. Thanks Gaille, and thanks Novosbed.” – Mike A.

“I was not really convinced to buy a mattress online, but my husband was. Online buying experience was awesome and I was extremely surprised with the mattress since the first night!, I loved it!!! It’s a great mattress!” – Luis V.

“We have been very happy with our recent purchase of a king size Aria mattress from Novosbed. Gaille, at NovosBed, replied promptly to my email questions. Delivery was fast and free. The vacuum packed bed was easy to get through the house and up the stairs. We didn’t notice any smell from the mattress, and slept comfortably on it the first night. It doesn’t seem to ‘sleep warm’ at all, like some have said of memfoam beds, Overall, very satisfied :-)… no cons I can think of.” – Scott T.

“We looked at beds for several weeks before deciding to buy a Novosbed Memory Foam mattress for our new home. Shipping was super-fast and it was delivered to our door before we’d even moved in, which allowed us to set it up and let it decompress before we wanted to sleep on it. The quality of the material and cover is very good and comparable to anything that we’d tried in our local and big box stores, at a much lower price. Overall, we’re very impressed.” – Andrea M.

“We’ve been very happy with our Novosbed Aria mattress. At first, we were surprised by how firm it felt, but it has softened up and we sleep very well on it.” Michael W.

“We knew we needed a firmer mattress and have slept on a foam mattress in the past. I did a search for foam mattress manufacturer and looked into the Novosbed site… I’m so happy I did! the web site was very informative and the customer service was excellent all the way through the process. I was a little hesitant at first to order a mattress on line but they offered a 120 day trial period and if we didn’t like it we could return it. well, we don’t have to worry about returning it,, what a great mattress for such an affordable price. Just a great value and free shipping also! My wife and I are sleeping so much better and it has helped my bad back so much. for quality that matches the more expensive temperpedic mattresses at a much lower price you won’t be disappointed with a Novos foam mattress. Thank you.” – John W.

“Made in America was a huge bonus for me, but the price, the speed of shipping, and the quality of the mattress really sweetened the deal. My back feels better than it has in a long time and I was finally able to get rid of that old spring mattress. It was a fight to haul that 106lb beast into my bedroom and set it up, but it is literally the best purchase I’ve made in 2013.” – Amy S.

“My new Novosbed is the best mattress I’ve ever owned. I had never owned a memory foam mattress before but was anxious to try one in hopes of finding relief from my arthritis. I found Novosbed through an online search and chose them based on the balance of price and the advertised quality. Their money-back guarantee and no shipping charge really made the choice easy. It arrived sooner than expected, which was wonderful, and I was immediately impressed with their nearly bullet-proof packaging. Once we unpacked it and gave it a day to re-inflate (as instructed), I was again impressed with the obvious quality. The first night on my new Novosbed proved that I’d made the right choice. For the first time in decades, I was abler to sleep without joint pain. What a relief! I have every expectation that my Novosbed will continue to bring me pain relief and great comfort for years to come. I highly recommend Novosbed.” -Paul H.

“We received our bed about four weeks ago, and so far we are very satisfied. It is extremely comfortable and we are both sleeping more soundly without tossing and turning.” – Angela R.

“I have been extremely pleased with my Novosbed purchase. I didn’t want to spend $3,000 on a mattress, so I browsed and read tons of reviews. I totally agree with other customers, best quality and extremely affordable. Novosbed came highly recommended. I started looking for a mattress because I could not sleep, tossed and turned all night with lower back pain. I absolutely could not get comfortable. After a night on my old mattress I was left tired and sore all over!! I took the information that Novosbed provided showing what it was comparable too, and went to a mattress store and found their competitors brand and tested out which one I thought would work best for me. I placed my order with Novosbed and it arrived on time. However, the box it came in was damaged but the mattres inside was still firmly intact and I was ready to get that baby unpacked and test it out. After getting Novosbed, it took about 2 1/2 weeks to adjust to the new firmness level, but WOW what a difference it made in my back. I can actually sleep all night and not wake up sore at all!!! All I can say is do your research, test out comparable products, and if your wanting the best bang for your buck, then YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCT!” – Stacy W.

“My wife and I purchased the King Size Classic. By far the best bed we have ever owned! I suffer from a bad back and like a firm bed. My wife has no back issues, and prefers a softer bed. It took a bit of getting used to (20 to 30 days) but we both love this bed! As you lay in bed, it warms with your body heat and becomes softer, but not so soft to sag or aggravate my back! In my opinion, if you purchase this bed, give it a month or so to become accustomed to it, you will love it!” – Roger, Alberta

“I just wanted to say a final thank you for the excellent customer service you provided throughout this entire process. The bed pick up went smoothly and I have received the credit on my credit card. While it is too bad the bed didn’t work out, I wanted to you know I am very happy with the Novosbed company and how you stand behind your products and care about your customers. Without a doubt, the customer service I received is among the best I ever have.” – Jennifer H., Ontario

“I am very happy and pleased with my purchase. I actually get up in the morning with no tendonitis pains on both arms, no back pains and I feel totally rested. Thanks for the restful and pain-free nights of sleep Novosbed.” – Maria S., Ontario

“I bought a queen size memory foam bed from Novosbed. The product was delivered on time and was exactly as described. But there was something more special in buying from Novosbed – the customer experience. I had many questions before and some after placing the order. Helenka from customer care demonstrated great patience, courtesy as well as knowledge in answering my questions. Her attitude was awesome and as it might happen with others, in my case, the customer experience is a big percentage of purchasing goods or services from a company. I would give 100% points to customer service of Novosbed.” – Jay, Toronto, Ontario

“We just spent our first night sleeping on our new Novosbed. What a wonderful night’s sleep. Don’t regret this purchase for one second. Haven’t slept like that in years. Thank you for a great product!” – Iona McMillan, Canada

“It has almost been a year since we got our King Size NovosBed mattress and we still LOVE it!

I love the ‘no transfer of motion’ with our mattress. One person does not ‘wake’ the other if tossing and turning during the night. Even our 2 dogs (who of course sleep with us and love the bed too!) stay sleeping if one of us gets up….. they can’t even tell we’ve left!

I would highly recommend this bed to anyone who wants a FANTASTIC nights sleep!” – Jane & Ross Dowdall, Kitchener, ON

“I was paralyzed in a car accident. Had major back surgery with decompression and fusion. I have a steel rod and six screws holding my spine together. I have not gotten a good nights sleep since the surgery. I ordered this bed because of the price and reviews. I swear to God this is the best bed I have ever slept on. I can’t explain it…it’s not too soft and not too hard. It’s just…Perfect! Anyway, if you have back pain, give this a try. Honestly, these are amazing beds. You can’t beat the price. Period. Very happy! I will be buying another for my spare bedroom.” – Jason, Canada

“Amazing mattress – love it!!!” – Kathleen Porter, Vancouver

“I slept on my old spring mattress for about 3 years and the pillow top had already lost its texture and support. I decided to try out Novosbed since a friend recommended them to me. After some shopping around, I found that the people at Novosbed were the most helpful and knowledgable. And the best thing was that I felt no pressure to buy – they weren’t pushy at all. Very refreshing, given that so many mattress salespeople are quite aggressive. I received my Novosbed within 2 weeks and am still thoroughly enjoying it.” – David Black, Newfoundland

“Thank you so much for your excellent product and great customer support. I had some scheduling issues, and Novosbed worked around them, getting the mattress to me quickly. Thanks again!” – Pascal Cloutier, Quebec

“Thank you again for supporting our youth with the 22 mattresses. A good night’s rest is crucial for learning and functioning. You are helping to give them a chance at becoming healthy, contributing members of our community.” – Sheldon Oleksyn, Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton

“A beautiful mattress greeted me when I opened the door to my unit late this afternoon. Thank you so much for going out of your way to ensure delivery. You really are the best. Great customer service, from beginning to end. Such exemplary service is a rarity.”

After the first night, Terry writes “The Novosbed mattress was like sleeping on a cloud. My old mattress had big gaping holes in it – it was 51 years old !!! I must have been holding out for just the right mattress to come along in my life. NOVOSBED to the rescue !!!” – Terry D., Alberta

“We have now had our ‘Novos’ mattress for a long enough period to evaluate the wisdom of the purchase. We love the mattress, we sleep longer and deeper, resulting in a better more complete overall rest. We definitely researched this purchase. We talked to and visited all the big box stores and what we found was that most of the sales staff were not familiar with their product. When asked the size (as there is two sizes of King Size beds) they had to measure the unit. When we asked them about the density they had to phone the manufacturer. To us this speaks volumes. When we contacted Novosbed we found them polite and knowledgeable. Big Box stores deal in volume, not customer service. Where in the industry can you find a warranty or customer service packages like Novosbed? You can’t. I hope that you have great success . Thanks a lot for your help, sleep tight. – Tom, BC, Canada

“We took a risk on memory foam and ordered it online from Novosbed and we have never looked back!! Excellent price, excellent service and we are actually in love with this mattress!!! Great night’s sleep and back pain disappeared. Do yourself a favour and buy your next mattress from Novosbed – you won’t regret it!!!” – Sandy, Canada

“I just wanted to thank you very much for all the help and kindness you gave me. It’s so nice to have someone that cares about the firm and the client so much. You were real nice.” – M. Gifford, Saint Johns, New Brunswick

“I’ve had back problems for years. Shortly after buying a Novosbed mattress, my back started feeling a lot better and I don’t suffer nearly as much anymore.”
– Allan Jacobs, Halifax

“I’ve been having back problems for a really long time.. eventually I decided to try a new bed and Novosbed was so affordable I decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been sleeping on one for 6 months and my back has never felt better.” – Phil Davids, Edmonton, AB

“Thanks guys, love it!” – A. Duncan, Toronto, ON

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